poems to knock the sun out of the sky:  RYAN QUINN flanagan in his own words
february 26, 2017/ huffington post

Very occasionally, one discovers a writer whose work they instantaneously connect with. This happened to me, when I first read the poems of prolific Canadian talent — Ryan Quinn Flanagan. Flanagan is an artist that doesn’t like to speak about himself, which is refreshing in an era of raging narcissism and shameless self-promotion. Until recently, it was difficult to find any biographical information about the man behind...more

writer interview:  RYAN QUINN FLANAGAN
march 11, 2017/ peeking cat poetry magazine 

This week our writer interview is with Ryan Quinn Flanagan! We talk to him about the editorial process, meeting other writers, and setting himself on fire. Enjoy!...more

a review: the last days of the worm, a collaborative prose chapbook
FEBRUARY 27, 2017/ screaming with brevity

The Last Days of the Worm, a collaborative prose chapbook by Ben John Smith, Ryan Quinn Flanagan and Rich Wink is a dystopian noir where each of the four main players are as lacking in moral fibre as they are steeped in vice and cynicism. In the not-too-distant future, shortly after Richard Branson purchased the moon and died, in the wake of the Middle Eastern oil drought and broken by the final financial crash, humankind accept their fate; sickness, addiction and an untimely death...more

poet interview #58:  RYAN QUINN FLANAGAN
FEBRUARY 15, 2017/ walking is still honest press

Can you tell us a little bit about yourself? At what age did you start writing? Who/what first inspired you to begin? Who are some your favorite writers and artists (past and/or contemporary)? I started writing at the age of ten. No romantic epiphany sort of thing, I had to do it for a school competition. It was a very bad piece but the teachers liked that I could write an original work and recite it. They published it in the local paper and made me recite it many times...more

Interview with ryan quinn flanagan
february 2, 2017/ adam levon brown

Q: When did you start writing? A:  My first published poem was when I was ten.  A horrible little piece about my teacher for the school competition that I had to keep reciting for people until I forgot it.  I remember being SO nervous…probably has a bit to do with my social anxiety disorder now.  But as for any real writing attempts they came much later...more

Here is my interview with...
December 9, 2016 / Authors interviews

Where are you from? I am originally from Barrie, ON Canada, a commuter city about a hour north of Toronto.  I went to school at Queen’s University in Kingston, ON and received my Master’s Degree in History...more

Uno Mas- A Book Well Travelled

I am an avid collector of first edition books signed by the writer & I was very grateful when I today received a signed copy of Uno Mas, a recent publication of Horror Sleaze Trash Press. What was most impressive was that the book was signed by all four participants in the project, and according to poet Ryan Quinn Flanagan, the book had travelled 44,993 kilometres to get to me in Australia. Is this a...more

Chapbook Review: UNO MAS. Words: Rich Wink, Ryan Quinn Flanagan, Ben John Smith; Photography: Jimmy Gerrard. Horror Sleaze Trash Press, 2015.

Uno Mas is the second collaborative effort amongst the English poet Rich Wink, the Northern Ontario poet Ryan Quinn Flanagan and the Melbourne poet Ben John Smith. It is the sequel to their earlier work The Holy Trinity, a short collection of verse published by Horror Sleaze Trash Press. Uno Mas is far more ambitious and experi...more

A Ten Question Interview With
The Artist…Ryan Quinn Flanagan
September 20, 2015 / youronephonecall

Why do you write? It is more a compulsion then anything really, some sickness – I believe they call it Hypergraphia or some stupid name like that. All I know is I am always writing all over everyth…more